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Hengyi Petrochemical Co. Ltd (Ticker Symbol 000703) ,was listed in 2011. Now the market value of Hengyi is more than 22 billion RMB. Hengyi is a global major supplier of PTA – polyester. Zhejiang Hengyi Petrochemical Group has established production base in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Dalian etc.

As the largest petrochemical producer dealing in PTA and PET, the enterprise ascends ‘ Top 500 Enterprises in China’, ‘Top 500 manufacturing companies in China’, ‘Top 500 private enterprises in China’ and ‘The Top Hundred Corporations in Zhejiang’ in consecutive years.

Products mainly operated by Hengyi Petrochemical include: benzol, PX, PTA, MEG,CPL,PA6,PET chips bottle grade, PET chips super bright, PET chips semi dull, POY, FDY, PSF, DTY and Differential Fibers.

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  • Nan An Ming Zhu,No.260,NorthShixin Road,xiaoshan,Hangzhou,China
  • Mail : hengyi@hengyi.com
  • Tel : 0086571-82797888
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